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CoreSys Consulting is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) working primarily with the US Government. We hold a CMMI maturity level 3 rating in both Services and Development as well as an ISO 9001:2015 certification. The CoreSys leadership team has over twenty years of project planning, execution, and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) systems. We specialize in Custom Application Development, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, DoD Architectural Framework (DoDAF), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), CIO Support, Application Transformation and Modernization, J2EE / Open Source Solutions, Data Warehousing, plus much more.

SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Plan

For the SeaPort-e contract, CoreSys has developed a QA Plan that creates a strategic quality partnership at both the contract and Task Order level and is firmly based on the metrics required to support a SeaPort-e Task Order.

CoreSys will establish a quality partnership and incorporate SeaPort-e, the CoreSys SeaPort-e Program Manager and the Task Order Project Manager on metrics and reports that are focused on Task Order level performance. The CoreSys Program Manager will also interact with SeaPort-e Task Order COR and Technical Advisor and CoreSys Project Managers on Task Order level performance.

For each Task Order CoreSys will provide a Task Order specific Quality QA Plan. This plan will:

·      Define the roles and responsibilities of all participants

·      Define the types of work to be performed and required results

·      Describe the evaluation methods employed CoreSys in assessing our performance

·      Provide copies of the QA monitoring forms used by CoreSys in documenting and evaluating our performance

.      Describe the process of documenting performance

Using SeaPort-e Quality QA Plan and the Performance Work Statement, the CoreSys Project Manager for the Task Order will prepare a Task Order specific QA Plan. This plan will specifically identify the methods that the Project Manager will use to ensure that processes are followed and products are checked before the products are provided to the Government. The goal of the QA Plan is to ensure that the project complies with our standard processes and produces high quality products.

The CoreSys Project Manager will also prepare a Measurement and Analysis (M&A) plan. This plan will provide the details of the metrics that the CoreSys will collect for the Task Order. For each metric the plan will also identify the threshold for management involvement. The Project Manager will include these two plans as components of the Project Management Plan that is provided to the CoreSys Program Manager for review and approval.

The Task Order QA Plan will encompass:

·      QA tasks and responsibilities

·      Management controls

.      Problem reporting and corrective actions

The CoreSys Program Manager will provide monthly metrics reports to the Task Order COR. These monthly reports will provide the COR with the information required to develop their monthly reports for the CO. In these monthly reports the CoreSys Program Manager will also provide information on QA activities that the CoreSys Program Manager performed during the month related to the Task Order.

In addition to providing these reports to the COR, the CoreSys Program Manger will also provide them to the Task Order Technical Advisors. The CoreSys Program Manager will develop a summary report for the SeaPort-e Contracting Officer on the status of each Task Order. This summary report will provide information on potential issues and what the CoreSys is doing to address each potential issue. The intent of this report is to provide advance notice to SeaPort-e on the issues that we are managing to ensure that there are no surprises on the contract.

Each Task Order’s QA Plan will follow the format in the remainder of this plan.



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